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The Real Inspector

The Real Inspector was a solo exhibition with three large video sculptures and five paper works. It was highly conceptual, its expression developed from an underlying fictional narrative revolving around a mystical substance called "G10W".

The two main video sculptures consist of consumer TV-screens mounted in formation on the wall plus vintage tube monitors. In part the project is a study of color where the works in the outer room are colorful an bright while the work in the inner room (a collaboration with video artist Jonas Magnussen) is greyscale. The two rooms are meant to  counterpoint to each other; one maximalist and one minimalist.

I worked with various themes in the process, focusing mainly on questions relating to value, truth, perfectionism and counterfeiting. I initially had the idea of "drawing" on the wall using widescreen TVs, utilising the fact that modern TVs have become increasingly oblong, almost approaching a line. I think I was also inspired by an iteration of Brian Enos 77 Million Paintings which used four screens mounted in a formation like a sort of flower.

Looking back at these works, I see them as a transition project for me, made at a time when composing music still was my main focus. I fact, the thematic backdrop was repurposed from a conceptual record I wanted to make, so what the audience saw was literally meant to be heard instead of seen.

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