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The Real Inspector

The Real Inspector was a solo exhibition consisting of three large video sculptures and five paper works. It was highly conceptual, drawing its form from a lengthy process of underlying work on a fictional narrative revolving around a mystical substance called "G10W".

The two main video sculptures consist of consumer TV-screens mounted in formation on the wall, each supplied with a vintage professional surveillance monitor. Partly, the project is a study of color where the works in the outer room are colorful while the work in the inner room; a collaboration with video artist Jonas Magnussen, is black and white. The two rooms are meant to function as a counterpoint to each other, one maximalist and one minimalist.

I worked with various themes in the process, focusing mainly on questions relating to value, truth, perfectionism and counterfeiting. I initially had the idea of "drawing" on the wall using widescreen TVs, utilising the fact that modern TVs have become increasingly oblong. I think I was also inspired by an iteration of Brian Enos 77 Million Paintings which used four screens mounted in a formation like a sort of flower.

Looking back at these works, I see them as a transition project for me, made at a time where composing music still was my main focus. I fact, the conseptual backdrop for it was actually repurposed from a conseptual record I wanted to make, so what the audience saw was in a real sense meant to be heard instead of seen.

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